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Subject: $60.- free cards


Dear friend retailer,


I am the owner of a retail store, and have been in the business for many years.  We have a very large greeting card department.

DICKENS INC.” is our major supplier of greeting cards.  They are the largest distributor in the United States, and carry more than 20,000 designs from more than 10 publishers.  It is a supplier with great honesty and integrity, and we are extremely happy with their product and service.

“DICKENS” is offering qualified new accounts $60.- free Cards without any commitment or contract as shown on the linked flyer.  At the same time, they are offering existing customers like me a “Reward for Referral” program, where I will get paid $60.- for each new customer I refer to them.  Please enter my name and my account number in the “Referred by” field when you register so we can both take advantage of this program.

It has not been easy for independent retail stores, I am more than happy to share with you my experience and the challenges ahead of us.  I hope we can work together and find a formula to not only survive, but prosper.


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