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Best way to order (Seasonal)


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1.     Order by pocket in control

Similar to everyday, the best way is to setup a seasonal control. Once the control is setup and your order is shipped, you can see a picture of each design using your computer or any mobile device. Re-ordering is even easier, just click the pockets you need and an order with the bestselling designs, without duplication, will be shipped within 24 hours.

Our standard assortments and planograms come with balanced captions for different footages, and every 4 foot/rack contains 100 designs. Unlike the everyday control, pockets with the same captions are displayed in the same row in the seasonal planograms to make it easier to search and order.

To setup a control, please select a season and matching footage.  We suggest that you choose an assortment or planogram with the exact same footage you reserve for each season. For example, if you reserve 16 feet for Father’s Day cards and only want to order 50% of the product, please order a 16 foot "planogram only" instead of an 8 foot "assortment" , then place the order by clicking only the pockets you need.

When you choose a control, the carryover from last year should be considered:

a. If you do not have a lot of carryover from last year, order “Assortment”, which comes with both product and planogram.

b. If you have a lot of carryover from last year, order “Planogram only”, and we will put your plan in your account within 24 hours. you can then click only the pockets you need.


If you want us to add additional captions to your rack/plan or convert your existing control to a smaller or larger footage, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (631)993-3123.


Once the planogram is setup for the first year, please always re-order by clicking the pockets and do not order the assortment or planogram anymore. Immediately after the season is over and before you pack up the leftover, please place a new order for the following year by clicking the pockets which are missing, and type “Hold for delivery next year” in “Special Instructions” before you “Submit Order”. Usually we will ship 2 months before each season, and you can cancel or change your order any time before shipment. By placing an order this way, you can avoid duplication and will have a better chance to receive new designs next year. Please check our “Terms & policy” for more details.



 2.    Order by caption

a. If you have already setup a control with us, please click the pockets with matching captions to order first, and contact us if you need to add additional captions in your rack/plan.

b. If you have not setup a control, you can still order “planogram only” with suitable footage/selection, we will put the racks in your plan within 24 hours. You can then click the pockets with your required captions to order.

c. The last resort is to download the caption order form, and fax your order to us at (631)993-3125.


3.    Order by design

After logging in and clicking “Shop”, you can select the “Season”, then filter by “Brand”, “Caption”, “Price range” etc.



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