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Payment:        With approved credit

Everyday:         Net 30

Seasonal:         Due on 10th of the month of each season (For example, Valentine's dating will be due on Jan.10) 

(2% per month finance charge for overdue balance, we accept credit card for new accounts to expedite delivery)


Freight:           F.O. B. New York, freight will be added to invoice.

                               Orders placed by the customer on our webshop for counter cards of $150 or more, qualify for free freight.

                               (Non card items such as wrapping paper and gift bags do not qualify) 



Return Policy:      

100% returnable for any unopened pack within 6 months for a full refund without a restock charge for everyday cards, and a 15% restock charge for seasonal cards.  


(Store has to pay the freight for returns. No return authorization is required, but please keep your receipt.  Credit memo will be issued within 30 days after receiving your returns; retailers can apply the credit amount to pending balance or request a refund. Any unqualified return such as opened packs or returns after the season will be discarded without further notice or issuing of credit)


Min. Order:     $150.- 


Your Cost:       Product range and cost, your actual cost can be found after logging in. 


Discount & Rebate:

1) Extra 3% discount for online orders placed by the customer.

 (not valid on orders placed by sales rep)

2) Extra 5% discount for the following year’s seasonal order if  placed online within 10 days after each season.

 (For example, 2020 Christmas order is placed by Jan.5, 2020)

3) Up to 10% annual volume rebate


New Account:

To have open credit with us, please email the following to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

1) Resale certificate

2) Photo of your store and card display

3) Credit references




 (The above terms and policy are subject to change without prior notice)