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How does our system pick the designs and brands?

If you “Order by pocket from control” or “Order by Caption”, the system will pick up the design and brand as follows.



Our system will pick the bestselling designs under each caption for the first order, the designs picked for the re-order will be based on each store’s sales record.  If you re-order a pocket within 90 days (4 turns a year), the same design will be shipped.  If over 90 days, another new design without duplication with existing designs will be picked, thus you will always have the bestselling designs in your store.

If seasonal orders for the following year are placed right after each season, our system will pick up any new designs first before repeating the old designs in your control.



Different brands are sold at different discount, please see “Product Range and Discount”.

1. For full price card such as “Recycled Paper” and “AG”.

The system will only pick up that particular brand, your discount will be 50% off

2. For half price card

The system will pick the brand with following order by default, your discount will be 50% & 50% Off (75% off retail) or more

Gibson > Gartner > Gibson Today Always > Gartner Ink Loft > Simon Elvin > Others

3. For half price card with “Discount First”

Gibson Today Always > Gartner > Gartner Ink Loft > Simon Elvin > Gibson > Others

Please type “Discount First” in the “Special Instruction” field when you check out each time.

4. For 99 cent cards

Gartner Ink Loft > Gibson Tender Thought > Others

After picking the brand, the system will pick up the bestselling designs for that particular caption.