Hallmark vs Dickens
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Hallmark vs Dickens

Updated: 08/29/2019

861225     A sympathy note for Hallmark

910415     Hallmark Lawyer's letter to Dickens

930510     Chou to Hall copy issue and trade restriction

930526     Hallmark response to Chou

130519      Dickens and Hallmark competed back cover of major magazines

160407      Hallmark tried to find Dickens purchase volume

161110     Free exhibit space at 2017 January Atlanta Marketplace to Publishers

161111      Free exhibit space at 2017 January Marketplace to Reps

170115     Pictures of Hallmark and Dickens booths at Atlanta Marketplace

170330     Rothschild to Dickens

170409     James Chou to Don Hall with attachments

170410      Hallmark filed complaint

170411      Berkley to Stein requesting Dickens records

170412      Chou email to Hall and Krueger

170414      Dickens provided Hallmark requested records

170417      Dickens requested Hallmark records

170417      The Kansas City Star report

140419      Rothschild Berkley letter to Judge Wexler

170424     Chou to Hall and Parodi

170428     Chou to Diane of Kansas City Star

170428      Krueger to Stein Response for Dickens requested records

170501      Chou to Krueger for delivery of Hallmark records

170501      Hallmark pushed Dickens for a settlement

170502      Hallmark offered Dickens settlement

170505     Chou's Deposition 

170508      Krueger requested additional records

170517     Chou ask Hall to leave them alone

170525     "Do You Have a Green Card" Contest  (with working links)

170526      Have you been deposed by Hallmark to Diane

170602      Dickens answer to complaint and Counter Claim

170613      Hallmark's motion for sanction against Chou

171006      Summons to Parodi

171208      Hallmark answer to Dickens counter claim

180226     Dickens to Hallmark Deponents and legal discussion

180310      Dickens and Hallmark booths at ASD Show

180313     Hallmark's Third Request for Documents

180316     Hallmark Ronald Parodi deposition transcript

180416      Hallmark Joseph Allegra deposition transcript

180429     Hallmark to Dickens Documents request

180515     Hallmark vs Dickens update with publishers

180713      Motions by both parties

180726      John Chase deposition transcript

181010     Can we sell your Hallmark products

181213     Court Order for Motion

181221     Hallmark vs Dickens Current Status 

190124      Court order after conference call

190124      Dickens to Hallmark document designation etc.

190318      Involvement of Designer Greetings

190805     Motions for Summary Judgement 

190829     "DO YOU HAVE A GREEN CARD?" on change.org and Facebook