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Race and immigration have always been major issues for this country.  As a lucky immigrant from Taiwan in 1982, I have a decent business, and live happily in an ocean front house with my wife and 86 year old mom.  All the people in my town are so nice and friendly to us; I told everybody that although I could not choose to be born here, I choose to die here.   However, when I go outside of my town, I still face some challenges. 

In 2017, I was tangled by a lawsuit with Hallmark.  In a 6 hour deposition in the presence of two court reporters and three lawyers, I was repeatedly grilled “DO YOU HAVE A GREEN CARD?” and threatened with “DEPORTATION”.  As a US citizen for 30 years, I do not mind that some people still call me “Chink” and ask me to “go back to China”, but I was extremely upset when it is directed by a company named “Hallmark” with more than 20,000 employees and a law firm named “Fox Rothschild” with 800 lawyers.  After I gave them some inappropriate answers, I was portrayed like another Harvey Weinstein in a motion for court sanctions and in the media without a word mentioning Hallmark’s initiation of the problem, and my lawyers told me it could cost me more than $100,000.- .

We will not have easy answers shortly for issues such as immigration and a border wall, but can we at least agree that all the US citizens and legalized immigrants should be treated equally?   With my personal experience with Hallmark, I also want to help people find a better way to respond if they are met with questions just because of their color.  From the inventor of sound cards which you find in the market, here comes the birth of “GREEN CARD”.

Each “Green Card” will have a sound chip with questions such as “DO YOU HAVE A GREEN CARD?” or “DEPORTATION” with matching pictures and verses, and we are anxious to get everyone’s involvement.  Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any good ideas.

For more details, please go to  for “Green Card”.  Let’s work together to make a better country for all Americans. 


James Chou



Green Card Brochure 

Happy Birthday (Obama) card

Happy Birthday (McCarthy) card.